Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where Do You Live

For house renters, average cost 2500 yuan/month here.
As for apartment buyers , that's about 6000RMB(outside the main city, in the surrounding areas)-18000RMB/m2, normally 80-150 square meters for each apartment.
Living in Hangzhou is not a tough job. There're about 7.7 million permanent residents in Hangzhou, most of them are house-buyers.
But bubbles are just everywhere, sometimes the price can go up to 30000 RMB/m2 for a small apartment.


Rambling Round said...

Nice night shot, but I'm not familiar with Chinese currency. How much would that be in U.S. dollars?

Kris said...

That is a beautiful image.

HZDP said...

Rambling round
about 1 USD to 7 RMB.

babooshka said...

This is so beatuiful to me. With no motorways here on my island, sometimes it's just magical to see such images. Wonderful shot.

Hilda said...

That's pretty expensive compared to Philippine rates, even in Metro Manila. For the same amount, you rent a townhouse already — depends on the location, of course.

This is a wonderful photo! I love night shots.

HZDP said...

babooshka, kris
Thank you!

To be honest, maybe this is a little expensive...the bubble economy is making life a little bit hard these days, especially in Shanghai.

raja said...

super blog keep it up