Friday, August 8, 2008

Good Luck, Beijing

I was wondering what kind of photo I should choose today, Akira send me a photo that has something to do with sports, I love it but that little guy in the photo looks a little lonely.

So I continued to browse my own album until I looked at this one, "that's it!!"
I was not there on their wedding ceremony, but I can feel the happiness of my collegues.
Today marks the opening of 2008 Beijing Olympics. I wish this begining is also the end of all those unhappiness.
Good luck to the couple and good luck Beijing!


Hendrawan said...

good luck Beijing..

00 said...

It's a happy begining really.Good luck Beijing,goodluck to you,forever...

HZDP said...

Thank you!!

why do you sound as if I'm leaving??ha-ha.. forever?? or you're leaving Hangzhou?

magiceye said...

watching the live telecast of the awesome opening ceremonies.... spellbinding!!