Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Fun of Bargain---100th post of HZDP!

Actually this photo was added later, it just occured to me this is the 100th post of HZDP, and it might be a little pity if we just upload two photos of other cities, so I asked my friend to send me one Hangzhou photo that he can be proud of, here it is! Hangzhou is always so beautiful, right?

@ Nanjing Road, Shanghai by Akira, most of you have been there, so I'll just save my energy for the next picture.

@ qianmen street, Beijing

I thought it's some kind of weird Italian pasta..Actually,a stall of jade bracelets.

Foreign visitors love it but probably too "rich" to cut the price..

I'll give you another example that I just 'witnessed' at Wongfujing Street.
Two foreign tourists pointed on two fans(made of wood), and typed "60" at a small calculator.(Vendors can't speak numbers in English, they only know "yes, no, you're joking, bottom, ok, thank you...")
The vendor then put on a really surprised expression and said "You are kidding, you like jokes" , typing "208" at the calculator. "Bottom"
And then goes several rounds of price typing..
(5 minutes later)
The two tourists looked at her angry face for a while as if they just did something wrong to her and said "Ok."
Well, the truth is we can buy them at 40 yuan , 40 for two.

I've guided a really good US business man before, and he was good at bargaining as we told him, "no matter what price you hear, what kind of facial expressions the vendors(mostly women) put on, just cling to your own price, you'll be mazed at your great harvest. "

Guys maybe feel losing face to bargain with a woman, but girls can stick to your own price.
And some tourists are more interested in bargaining than the product.A funny student tourist, always typing "1" at the calculator for all kinds of products, and then raise the price little by little.
He was just having fun while bargaining. Vendors' tones and facial expressions do change greatly with your price.

Funny tips:

1. the best would be asking the local people before you make your own price and dressing like a student.

2 your starting price should be lower than the real price that you have asked the local people about.

3. If the vendors say "No" to your price, you can "pretend" to leave as you move away "slowly", they will change their mind if your price is acceptable to them, if she didn't stop you, don't worry, the next stall probably has the same thing you wanted, and this time maybe you can higher your previous price a bit,but just a little bit.

(These words may not be 'distributed' as I still wish Chinese vendors good earnings. They are just normal people with poor incomes. )


Harry Makertia said...

I was in Shanghai two years ago, and being an Indonesian, I call myself "King of Bargainer" :-). My chinese friend was astonished watching how I won the battle! LOL.

magiceye said...

congratulations on your 100th post!
and a lovely educative post on bargaining too!

HZDP said...

Congratulations to your big title!!

Thank you!


this is the best post on bargaining in china that i have ever seen - too late for the olympic games!