Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Believe It or Not

Story one:
I was at Yaojiang building yesterday and this photo was taken at the third floor when we came out of a malfunctioned elevator. Two of us got trapped, the elevator just stuck there at the fouth floor, it doesn't go down, just stuck there, so nothing scared, but both of us have the feeling of reborn after we stepped out of it.
We gave each other a hug and then left for our own homes.

Story two:
I was at Yaojiang Building's elevator waiting room, the luminare happened to be "power off", so I had to wait in, as you can see, extreme darkness, and out came my camera-- "ka-tsa", cool , good to see no ghost dancing in my photo.


白菜 said...
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zoe said...


Ann (MobayDP) said...

The second one. Which one is true?

zoe said...

You're right, of course the second one is right, you don't even need to guess as I told you this is a trick, but the first one is exactly what my friend had gone through a month ago, haha, such detailed description is a little confusing,right?