Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hutong Culture (2)---food

I made some name mistakes in this automatically posted article. So here I am in Hangzhou and up here to correct the name of this Hutong, not Jiumen, its name is actually Xiaoyou. And Jiumen food court is a very famous food court in Beijing, I was told it has hundreds of years of history! And this is the gate of this food court.

@ xiaoyou hutong

@ Jiumen food court, locating in the middle of xiaoyou Hutong
Ok, don't laugh at me, I ate them all...

This is sweet.. I prefer the cheese more.

Baozi, but not 'typical' baozi..



absolutely divine - i wish i was with you when you ate!

HZDP said...

Come to Hangzhou and make your dream true,hahaha