Friday, August 15, 2008

Imperial Yellow Dragon

@ HZ Botanical Garden
A golden sculpture of dragon, symbol of Chinese royalty.
Dragon is definately not some evil spirits here, instead, it stands for power and authority.
I think I might have posted enough photos about HZ scenic spots,and you might have got tired with these lake views, maybe something about the Hangzhounese lifestyle would be more real and interesting .
In the meantime, wish you all a great weekend!
(but why do I have problems in logging on your site recently? Extremely slow... my poor computer is on strike again..)


Hilda said...

It took me some time to find the dragon's head, lol! Very unusual sculpture — it's the first time I've seen a dragon carved in a ball shape. I like it!

HZDP said...

Thank you! and yes, it is a little unusual as it is a dragon ball, different from those flat relievos