Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Art Of Taichi

@ shuangtou bridge, changqiao park, Westlake, (PSed a bit at the background)
Taichi, also known as shadowboxing, know more about it, click its wiki link
Taichi chuan is actually much more popular among senior citizens and foreign visitors, its soft martial technique really can calm you down, especially in such a serene environment.
There're regular group Taichi classes put on at the westlake, some of them are free of charge.
Well, my mom is "master" of Taichi, although I know nothing about it. I'm thinking to learn some solo routines (forms), so I can calm myself down as well. haha


Zsolt72 said...

wonderful photo!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Really interesting and beautiful picture.

HZDP said...


Phivos nicolaides,
Yes, Taichi is an interesting practice, not only for senior citizens, OMG, I just learned two forms from my mother, "左抱拳" and "右抱拳", haha, and i can't stand still!!

Hilda said...

Beautiful photo!

I would love to take up taichi one of these days. I like meditating so it'll be perfect for me — and help me with my balance too. And let's not forget: grace too. ;D

A friend of mine visited Westlake several years ago and showed us tons of photos, which didn't tire me at all — it's such a beautiful place! You are so lucky!

HZDP said...

Don't worry, you have plenty of oppotunities to views Hangzhou photos in HZDP, always welcome you!!

alicesg said...

A very good and healthy exercise.

Marisa Taddia said...

It must be so incredible to practice taichi in such a peaceful and beautiful place!
Great photo.


this is so cool - your mom must be cool - go learn some and teach us!