Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tough Life For a Junior College Graduate

photo @ Moganshan road, inside a taxi, confused girl

I was supposed to write something happy today, but some bad news just spoiled all that.

The girl in this photo is a junior college graduate, currently a reporter and an assistant editor of a TV channel, she has been working for that channel for two years.

Rich in experience, low in salary. ( 800 yuan/ month, that's even lower than our part-time job salaries)

"Cheap and useful", as she always says about herself.

Now she's a job-hunter, not because she's finally willing to leave that place, but because three new-comers, who are standard college graduates, just one year more study than this girl.
Experience is needed, but far more important here is the rating of your diploma and all those wire-pullings.

"Life is composed of uncertainties, you get blowed and get through, get blowed and get through...so please don't lose your original faith ." that's what we've been told all along.
Wish her next job happy and money-making! ha-ha


Anonymous said...

thanks baby I will say something about it.

HZDP said...

YiYi..you can't just drop me such a line anonymously and then gave me a call, telling me it's you.

next time you can use the Name/Url if you want to say something...

00 said...

I'm so sorry that I haven't sent photos to you in time... Will I see something happy in 13th? hehe~~


thats the way life is

zoe said...

This was a serious post, but someone's face-losing talk has made it a funny one. Everybody is having fun, not bad.

Surely it is.

Kris said...

She will bounce back. I have a feeling about it!

Online College Consulting - Applywise said...

That was really sad because she's too good and well-experienced to earn that small amount of wage. She should sell herself and get paid on the salary she deserve.