Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sunrise Or Sunset

Just took at a look those online votes about cities in China, funny to find that Hangzhou is the laziest city, labeled "idle", and the third favourite tourist city in view of "foreigners".

If you want to visit China, be ready to receive attention, partly because the "openning-up" process has just started less than two decades, (mostly because this is a single race nation, so it's very different from countries by immigrate population) and that's why lots of citizens(especially senior citizens) have never seen a foreign visitor with a different skin color, please don't be ill at ease, they are just curious and I'm sure that's friendly

This is again the same sunset and sunrise. Difficult to tell which is which, I mistaked the sunset for the sunrise.


magiceye said...

sunrise or sunset... whichever ... they are just very pretty

babooshka said...

Whichever they are they are truly beautiful. You commentary was interesting too, escpcially with the Olympics being there. All eyes really are on China.

HZDP said...

Thank you~

haha, we wish that it can be a successful one.