Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blind Date--A Girl's List

@ a blind date fair by akira
They list their own qualifications of their future mates and write their own basic informations on small papers.
Then, "poking around the market", if his or her information matches your standard, ok, write down the phone number. This girl in the photo must have written down at least 5 numbers, haha, interesting, right?
Take a close look and here's a girl's information and standard:
Age: 29
Phone number: 131********
Monthly income: 3000yuan
Hobbies: reading, watching TV, strolling...
Personality: open, caring..
Degree: Becherlor degree
Height: 173
Weight: 60kg
(wow, she's making me want to have a date with her!)
Mate standard:
Car, house, basic monthly income: 10000 yuan......
OMG, she's so realistic! Everything she mentioned is material, but sometimes that's needed.
As for this blogger, she was not there but just received a call from a guy who said he has a great potential in curing her insanity.
Ok, let's see if it'll work.


magiceye said...

plenty of fun!

Anu said...

Yes, looks like they are having fun.

My photo of Height Restrictor

zoe said...

Thank you! and there're lots of fun indeed. Maybe I should go there next time haha

alicesg said...

Wish you luck. Over here many women are too financially independent to be in a hurry to marry so the guys had to look for foreign wives. It is so different from my time.