Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is Green

Walking along this thickly wooded path would be as if walking in a maze, you never know what is waiting for you at the next turn.

Hmmm, just seven steps and you’re welcomed by a beautiful bamboo pavilion.

My friend and I took some funny shots and then left for somewhere air-conditioned. It was actually 38 Celsius degree out there. My friend kept complaining about my insanity and said: you need a boyfriend, and he must be either extremely tolerate or as insane as you are.
Ok, stop laughing and back to the green bamboo.
If all you know about this plant is “food for pandas”, yeeeee, you really need to do some homework., bamboo businesses have entered a relatively mature stage here in Zhejiang.


00 said...

I love this 'Green',natural and peaceful!
PS:Why didn't you post the photo about 'wild boar'? Haha...

HZDP said...

that 'wild boar' would make this post even more insane.haha