Monday, August 25, 2008

Not Free For Kids

I missed the last shanghai-hangzhou morning CRH train as I arrived at 7:35, and the last one is schedualed at 7:25. So I turned to long-distance bus, which would cost me another 3 hours, but the ticket only cost 60 yuan.
I took this photo because the girl's father just had a big quarrel with the ticket chopper, you can see the chopper in the back (the guy in blue shirt).
The girl's father thought his girl is young enough to take a free ticket, but when the chopper came to them, asking for a full-charge ticket of the girl, the father seemed surprised and refused to buy another ticket for his daughter.
He sat next to me, so loud in voice that almost grated my ears. The chopper then asked for a half-charge ticket. The father soon made several phone calls, thretening something. The chopper shaked his head and then left for someone else.
I had to look out of the window to get away from his constant chatter, but I love his girl's naive smile.


magiceye said...

sweet kid... hope she doesnt get adversely affected by her father's behaviour...

Becky said...

She is adorable. And she probably doesn't understand exactly what's happening, either. She's probably just excited to be going somewhere with her father. This is a great action shot. Enjoyed the story to go with it, too.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

So sweet and cute little girl!

HZDP said...

Magic eye, phivos nicolaides
Thank you!

Your comments are always so encouraging. Mua!!!