Thursday, May 29, 2008

View on The Great Canal

The buildings on the right side is the goverment building and district court of the Gong-shu area, the place I live now, and you see the Water Bus(off work, so no light on) in the canal? This is one of our transportation tools, it can take you to the downtown area of Hangzhou. So it is a really good alternative for cars.


Peter said...

Just had a look on almost all your posts. I have been to China once (basically Beijing and Xi'an and surroundings), but plan and hope to go back! Fascinating and beautiful! ... and in the meantime I will enjoy your blog and learn more!

Abraham Lincoln said...

We had to pay $3.79 for one gallon of gasoline yesterday. We are expecting to pay about $4.00 by the end of June. I heard from Rotterdam that the gasoline there would cost $8.65 for one US Gallon.

I enjoyed looking at your photography.