Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Night View Of ShangTang Rd

I didn't go to sleep until 3am this morning and this photo shows that I'm not alone, but since when did Hangzhou become a city that doesn't go to sleep as well?
Gotta take a nap now, my poor eyes must look like two balloons.


Denton said...

I hope you get some sleep tonight. Without eight hours of sleep I'm worthless the next day ... Thanks for registering at the Daily Photo Map. Your thumbnail now appears ... PS: Hanging out the window to take a photo most likely is not the way to relax and get some sleep (smile).

Ming the Merciless said...

I usually get sleepy after 12 midnight. But I can understand the feeling of not having enough sleep.

Cool photo! Its that the view from your apartment window?

Chanin said...

Hi Denton,
Thank you, and you are right. I'm told six hours should be the minimum.
PS:thx for your help again.^^

Hi Ming,
Yes, I took the photo from my apartment window.
PS: you must love lobsters a lot^,I'm sure my parterner Jobecc will post a pic of lobsters later for your request