Sunday, May 25, 2008

West Lake

West Lake, known as "the pearl" in Hangzhou, is surrounded by mountains in three sides. Around the West Lake, people can find many Chinese Tranditional achitectures, like pavilions, stelas etc. and some of which have been exsisting for more than hundreds of years. As you can see, the plant in the lake is the Lotus without blossoming. Lotus is regarded as a sacred flower, for in Buddhism, the appearence of Buddas is alway accompanied with Lotus as their pedestals. The sculpture in the lake portrays a picture of a woman plucking Lotus.
PS. If you ask me what people are doing in the pavilion, I have to say"Only if they are not washing their feet is everything fine." :)


Zsolt72 said...

what a wonderful photo! I like that more Chinese cities are joinging to the DP community:)


serenity at its most precious moment

Denton said...

What a beautiful photo and a very interesting photo when enlarged. The sculpture appears to include a bird as well. The people on the pavilion do indeed appear to be washing their feet. That and taking photos.

Denton from Greenville Daily Photo
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Ming the Merciless said...

That is a beautiful photo. The scene looks so peaceful and relaxing.

I love the lotus and sculpture of the woman plucking them.

Jobecc said...

I'm so glad that so many people like it. Actually in Hangzhou, you can find much picturesque scene. Hoping you can come and find them by you own. :)