Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Can't Stop The Sun

"Can't stop the sun from shining
down and down and down..."

"Nothing is certain except death and taxes",ok, here's one more: spring has gone even before we noticed, 37 celsius today, 34 yesterday. Where is my spring...
This is a corner of a typical Jiangnan garden (gardens in the southern reaches of the Yangtze river), actually it's one of my favourite haunts. Located in the Gong-shu District, it's always the best place for me to get away from the endless sunshine.. and you see the green duckweed floating on the pond that creats the effect of a green blanket? I love it..but I gotta tell u that never try to stare at them for more than 1 minute, because u'll get dazzled and then everything u see turns red.*.* They are really on a rampage growth recently..probably because there's no duck around, ahaha..