Monday, May 5, 2008

Osmanthus----The City Flower

Yes, this is osmanthus, the city flower of Hangzhou. It's beautiful, isn't it? This photo must have been taken within last fall, because osmanthus prefer Autumn or Summer as their best season to blossom. Another feature of this flowering plant is its amazing smell. I have to tell u I cannot love its fragrancy more. It's sooooooooo sweet.
The city gov hold "Westlake Osmanthus Festival" annually, so it'll be great if u can come and see by yourself. Btw, it can be used as medicine when people drink it as tea combining dried osmanthus and typical black or green tea leaves, it will be better for your appetite, it also serves as expectorants, antitussives and drugs for relieving dyspnea without any side-effects, of course the medical effect could have a lag and slow to come.
Monday again, gotta pull myself together. Wish u a good Monday.
ohya.. I forgot sth: Happy Cinco De Mayo~

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J.C. said...

I love the fragrant of osmanthus. Don't know the Chinese name for it. If you know it, pls let me know. I always buy the air refreshener with its smell when I was living in Guangzhou.