Friday, May 23, 2008

Three Years On

This is the same bridge as the one in the last post,now three years have gone, can you recognize it?

Some modern features have been added to it, a traffic light and some luminares, while the antiqueness still well-retained as four stone sculptures of "Baxia", in Chinese myths, one of the nine sons of Dragon King, also added.(I know dragon is synonymous with demons in some cultures, but here in China, the opposite is true.)

In that myth, it is said that Baxia can keep the Grand Canal away from natural disarsters and marine accidents.

I took lots of photos but chosed this one because I love the comparison between the moving cargo ship and this static old bridge.


Steve Buser said...

You really have to double click to see this photo enlarged to get the full effect. It's a really captivating view of the bridge.


it fels kind of spooky - all the light is under the bridge, so if i'm walking on top, i need a flashlight!