Friday, May 9, 2008

"On The Way To Heaven"--SR Temple(1)

We have to leave our cars here and take the scary cable car( Do I have to? Look at the mountains behind!)
Or,you may depend on your feet. (Thank goodness...)
On my way to heaven...

These four characters, I'm not so sure about the translation, but basically mean "one foot below heaven", indicating that you are very close to heaven when you get there. (This photo was taken at last summer, it's actually a rainy day today, but it seeems the rain stopped when I left the temple.)

I thought two posts should be enough to cover all the things about this old temple, but I was wrong. With a history of 1600-odd years, Soul's Retreat Temple is definitely not something you can get in a few words.

I took lots of photos this afternoon but I'm not gonna upload them all. Still, you should take a look at this amazing temple, and I'll spend the whole week introducing the temple, so if interested, you may come again in a few days, I believe there'll be a relatively complete introduction by then.

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