Monday, September 8, 2008

Toddler Again

How's your weekend?
I'm sorry I post this boy again..but he's really cute. I just can't help looking at his photos

If you still remember the last Saturday's post, the "toddler desigher", you would know why he put on such a 'reluctant' expression, he was so facinated by those shoes that his mother had to 'drag' him away from those women shoes..
He kept doing his tug-of-war with his mother that I just couldnt grab a clear shot.
Well if I were his mom, I would just let him stand before those shoes until he got totally tired. haha
And I'm in campus again, cramming for my January test...


magiceye said...

the cute boy is already fascinated by what women wear!

best wishes for your test!

Dina said...

Cute boy you are right!! I wish you good luck for your campus return and January test. what are you studying at uni?

Peter said...

We have all our passions (hopefully)! To be interested by women shoes at his age is of course a bit surprising!

You are right, he looks really to be a nice little boy!

Some picture from the campus to come?

HZDP said...

Magic eye, thank you!

I major in English, although not so good at it.haha , but my January test is about Journalism.

Well, I'll take some next week as I have schedualed the posts of the whole week!