Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I took the photo before I went to sleep last night, it's always an interesting thing to see the moon change shape.
Last quarter, New, First quarter,
and...this one-- Full moon, so beautiful.
It would somehow be stupid to ask "how's the moon in your place look like", but Im really curious if the same moon looks different in different regions at the same period of time.
so far as I know, it's the same, haha


Sherry said...

Oh , I too was shooting the moon the other night.. So beautiful, harvest moon.

2SPINOUT said...


thanks for your daily photos. I like to get the impression how things look like on the other side of the world. And because I like the moon too, I'd like to give a closer look to it from Northern Germany: .


magiceye said...

makes one mooony....

Peter said...

I saw the full moon over Paris last night (the same moon!!!), in a clear sky... no camera available!

HZDP said...

Sherry, magiceye
Thank you!!

I will check it out. Thx~

haha, thank you for telling me it's the "same moon", I was always wondering if the moon shapes differently in the Antarctica region from here ..
I guess it's the same.


yes, it's the same moon...
but it is lovely to look at when it is full

Hilda said...

I just stepped out now because of your question, lol! We have a full moon now too, low in the south east. But I could hardly see it because of our neighbor's tree.