Monday, September 29, 2008

Reed Field

In a field of reeds @ Gudang
I think I have departured from the typical Hangzhou flavor for quite a few posts until the last one...
2200 years of history would never fail our expectations for its unique classic beauty.
Therefore, you will see more natural scenes, more cultural sites here, and more lifestyle pics as well.
The 7-day National Holiday has started, and I'll take this period of time to rediscover Hangzhou.

Have a nice Monday!


JM said...

So beautiful!!!
Thank you for the terracota clue... :-)

Blognote said...

Very very beautiful!!

Peter said...

Looking forward to see the result of your seven days! Your blog is so interesting even when you are busy!

babooshka said...

That is a simply exquisite shot.

magiceye said...

lovely composition... very beautiful

Hilda said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Enjoy your holidays! Have fun, but get some rest too. ;)

HZDP said...
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HZDP said...

You're welcome. :)

Thank you

I said I'll never abandon it, maybe less words to go with pictures when I'm really busy, but this is holiday now!

Thank you.

Haha, thx!

I will, dealing with these photos is taking rest for me

tr3nta said...

beautiful controluce!!!...