Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tell Me What YOU Think

To HZDP readers:
what kind of photo do you prefer of this site?
Hangzhounese lifestyle or Hangzhou scenery?
This is probably my last day on vacation, and I dont think I have so much time in dealing with these photos as soon as my last college year starts, tell me what you think about HZDP's photos.
So I can choose to take more scenery photos or more Hangzhounese photos.

Taken @ Yuanhua shopping mall. that's how hangzhounese do their shopping, my friend and I went there for some last minute shopping before our trip to Gansu several days ago. (Before we went to Beijing, hmmm...what am I gonna do with you guys.)



this is also an excellent photo (if it is in your town) - we dont have anything like this, and i think i would have loved to see it in colour too!

HZDP said...

Sure, I'll give you the photo in color as soon as I get my answers.

Christopher said...

I think the best photos express your creative vision - so either is fine with me. Scenery or lifestyle - just express the flavor of the place.

Peter said...

A stupid - neutral - answer: I like the mixture of both - I believe that's how you can best give a complete picture of China.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful site! Thank you. Could you also put up pictures of new skyscrapers and modern developement of buildings? Thank you!