Sunday, July 6, 2008

Taiziwan Park

Happy Sunday to you.

I took the photo at Taiziwan park, one of the most beautiful parks in Hangzhou.
Locating at the south-western corner to the Westlake, the park covers an area of 80.03 hectares and is sorrounded by ranges of mountains. It's VERY VERY beautiful.
Unfortunately there're no bus stops near the park, and most foreign visitors don't hold an international driving license, so my suggestion is to rent a bicycle, or just walk along the Nanshan Road, where dozens of night bars dot along.

The name of this park "Taizi", in Chinese that is "太子", means 'prince' in English, but a little bit different from that, because Taizi in ancient China is the successor of an emperor, while a prince may not.(I'm not so sure about the definition of a prince, but so far as I know, a prince may not always be the successor, right?)

It is said that this park was the "攒园"(means 'royal garden', the place for royal families to take rests) of two princes in the Southern-Song Dynasty, and that's how the name comes from.

PS: It may be better for your understanding if I tell you that Hangzhou(formerly Lin An ‘'临安') is the capital of China in the southern-Song Dynasty.
It seems this site has been ignored by us, but I'll never abandon it.
Hangzhou is a beautiful place and there are endless photos waiting for you.
"Know more about China? Go to Hangzhou!" This is one of the few commercials on CCTV Internatinal.
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how safe is it to walk in this place?
the park looks beautiful - chinese gardens are always a good sight for sore eyes. i always think of aesthetic pleasure when i think of a chinese garden

Blognote said...

Very relaxing indeed! Nice! I hope you enjoyed your sunday! (Very rainy over here).

Peter said...

Don't worry, I will be back here very regularly! So happy to learn more about China and Hangzhou!

Maybe "crownprince" would be the word?

The park is just beautiful!