Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lake-view Pavillion

I took the photo at a famous pavillion in Hangzhou, the Lake-view pavilion, this is a part of its corridor.
The pavillion is famous for a poem written by a poet named Su Dongpo in the Song dynasty(苏东坡,some of you may even have listened to a song written by him, and performed by a pop singer Jacky Cheung.)
It sits on the right side of the Broken Bridge. Now it also provides tea services. If you want to visit Hangzhou, this is a must see spot. (I should say this is not a good season, too many storms and probably you can't stand the temperature, unless you want to shoot lotus photos)

When you look at the trees and the pavillion, can you believe they have been here for almost a thousand of years?


magiceye said...

very scenic indeed! picture perfect!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Very nice site and a a very good picture.


a broken ridge - sounds strange, something i'd want to walk on for the fun of it - very beautiful place

Blognote said...

The bridge looks somewhat like a dragon. A beautiful spot! Thanks for sharing.

Peter said...

Some contrasting pictures, the one from your yesterday's post and this one! I guess this is China! A mixture of super modern and old traditions!

alicesg said...

Very interesting photo. Always love the history of ancient china. Enjoyed my tour of the palace and temple and great wall when I last visited Beijing. Magnificent.

Zoe said...

Magic eye,Phivos Nicolaides,Blognote
Thank you!

It's not a broken bridge, but it looks like one when the winter snow cover the bridge.

Yes, this is doubt^^

5000 years of history, you should set your foot on this land again someday, as a tourist, you'll discover a lot more!