Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shengli Theater

It's not some mordern architecture, and it looks pretty shabby, but this is one of the most popular theaters in Hangzhou.
Built in 1934, Shengli theater has witnessed most of the ups and downs of this city.
Do you feel a sense of history?



maybe it doesnt look impressive, but there must be some other meaning to it. i suppose it still stages a lot of functions...

Peter said...

Yes, I presume you can understand a bit of recent Chinese history if you follow what has been played at this theatre. It's today used for what kind of plays?

Zoe said...

That's right, it still stages lots of shows, including Yue opera and other kind of operas

The most recent show is a leather-silhouette show, aka shadow play, from Haining.

Anitra said...

People should read this.