Thursday, July 17, 2008

Men'er Lucky Tea Workshop

This is one of the most saught after tea-workshops in Hangzhou, Men'er Lucky Tea workshop. Pretty famous in HAngzhou. Average per capita cost:45 RMB

You all know China is reknowned for its tea culture, which has a history of 3000 years. Tea is the drink of the whole nation. And.. Hangzhou is the hometown of Longjing tea, which I should say is crazily expensive. (the best cultivar costs 110, 000 RMB every 200 gram. )

If you understand tea culture, down to every procedure of its growth, you'll say "yes, it deserves this price", but if you're innocent of tea culture or know just something of it as I am, forget it, it doesn't taste so good as you have imagined.

But most of the tea workshops in HZ serve more than tea drinks, they're also places for a short afternoon rest.
After a whole day's hustle and bustle, we all need a place to take a rest before we focus on our work again.
And that's where efficiency comes from, so don't forget to take a nap when working overnight. :)



this is of course a very refined atmosphere


i just saw the fireworks above the stadium at beijing - looks spectacular - i wish your country all the best for a very good rendition of the games this year

alicesg said...

Yes, we have tea from Hangzhou in Singapore too. I love the chrysanthemum tea, my favourite tea.

zoe said...

Thank you~

I know,and that must be Longjing tea...

Peter said...

Green tea from China is now very much in fashion here!

magiceye said...

i love tea! these tea shops must be as popular as coffee shops are elesewhere.. in mumbai we have tea vendors on the sidewalks too! but this tea from small stalls is brewed over a period of time. our darjeeling tea is very famous all over the world.