Saturday, July 26, 2008

CMCC and China Unicom

Business building of CMCC

China unicom,Hangzhou branch. A major phone operator in mainland China. know more about this company, click its wiki link

To the opposite of this building is the business building of China Mobile(in the first photo),aka CMCC, the largest mobile phone operator in China, also the world's largest ranked by number of subscribers, with over 380 million customers.

I'm a user of M-zone, one of the service brands of CMCC. Most of the school students choose this operator as it has more favorable services targeting young people. But some of us have two phone numbers, one of CMCC, one of China Unicom, as they charge an extra fee when a customer of CMCC calls a user of China unicom.

They both provides internet access, but we don't use that often as it takes a long time to open a single webpage and the charge is counted by time.. but if you are always on the go and have to use mobile phone to get online, you can choose the 10 yuan monthly charge, which has no time limit, pretty favorable but it still takes a long time to open a wedpage.
still wish you a happy weekend~

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Phivos Nicolaides said...

China is changing very fast dramatically.