Monday, February 2, 2009

Lake House

This house has been here for hundreds of years, it was fisrt built in the Northen Song dynasty.

“湖畔居” is its chinese name.
(The house is not that old, it is the Qiantang Gate before this lake house that built in the late Tang and the northen Song dynasty, the house is actually a morden-styled one, there are small Irish pubs and a Casablanca club near the main building.)


Peter said...

The House by the Lake? (I always try Babelfish whe I see Chinese.)

17th, 18, 19th century... a bit modernised? Looks really nice!

Hilda said...

I think it looks wonderful! What is it now, Zoe?

HZDP said...

Er..I guess I made a mistake here, Peter, the house was first built in the Northen Song Dynesty, which is at least a housand years from now.
So, I guess, it is the 10th century.

HZDP said...

Hilda, I think it is a tea house mainly, but it also serves dishes

Gwyn said...

Greetings from Alaska!
A beautiful building! It always nice to see color when it's raining out.:)

magiceye said...