Thursday, February 5, 2009


I guess this is a dragon boat...full of tourists


Hilda said...

Heehee. So I'd probably be in that thing too if I were there :)

Looks more like a house in the middle of the lake than a boat!

Kris said...

Were you on a similar boat, or the shore?

Peter said...

You really make me dream about a new trip to China!

HZDP said...

I was on a boat, but not a similar boat, I was on a small wooden boat..

Then I really really welcome you~~

Yao said...

This jusr makes me recall those days when I went to college in Hanghzou.I used to take this kind of boat or some smaller one to the center of the west lake.Although the translation seems not quite meaningfully(Three Lakes On The Moon),it is exactly a piece of little island floating on the lake,named "San Tan Yin yue".

HZDP said...

I know what you mean, "三潭印月", right? that's one of the ten scenes in west lake of Hangzhou.