Sunday, June 1, 2008

Theme Day---Local Store

This is a phamacy located in Wushan Square in Hangzhou. It sells Tranditional Chinese Medicine (most of them are herbal medicine). The phamacy was established in 1649, enjoying great popularity among people in Hangzhou for its good credit and high quality. This phamacy still keeps the ancient Chinese architectual style, and is still popular.
PS: Every summer, my gramma will buy some herbal tea there for me to eliminate the buring hot in summer. So, besides using air conditionings, what's your way to stay cool in summer?


Murphy_jay said...

This looks like a cool shop for one that has stood the test of centuries.

Buying traditional medicine at such a traditional authentic shop is a different experience.

lachezar said...

Truly beautiful. Good to see that tradition is respected. Cheers!

Hyde DP said...

How to stay cool in summer? - no problem - it never gets too hot here!

Peter said...

Nice tradition, beautiful place!

I quite like hot weather, but a nice shower now and then is of course appreciated!

J.C. said...

Hanging out in shopping mall on a hot Sunday afternoon ~ a great way to stay cool!