Monday, June 23, 2008

open-air theatre

I don't know whether it can be accounted as an open-air theatre. Actually most of the performers are amateurs. They just spontaneously gather together every weekend near the West Lake, and sing or perform whatever they like. But most of them are singing some local operas, like Yue Opera, or Peking Opera. And the strange thing is that those performers dare to sing in front of so many people, but most of them are too shy to be taken photoes. That's why I can only shoot behind this woman's back.
Also as you can see in this photo, they have a "band", is it cool. Likely, most of instruments are Chinese tranditional instruments, such as erhu, but I can't name all of them. To my surprise, maybe you can't see in this photo, there are actually someone playing cello. Can I call it a combination of the west and the east.

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Peter said...

It's perhaps to be considered as part of the "FĂȘte de la Musique" which you now also celebrate! Was Qin one of the instruments?

You see now that China has some of the best concertists of European classic music! I believe that to get into the Chinese music culture, you really must be native? It's so nice, but so particular and it's difficult for us to appreciate all the nuances.

(Good luck with your "Deutsch"!)