Monday, March 16, 2009

Night Market

@ Xinyi Fang

The blue and green canopies down there are covers for a night market.
The market serve some Indian food at night, as well as other delicacies around the country.
I dont't know why they have the Indian dishes, my aunt told me the dishes are served by several Indian international students who are really good at "飞饼"。
I was watching one of them making the dish last night. The student(chef?) reminded me those Chinese acrobatics, I mean, his performance is really wonderful.


goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......

HZDP said...

Good girl,

It seems you are really 'interested' in my blog...

Peter said...

I looked for the Babelsfish translation. Could it be some kind of flying cake?

If not, I was struck by the fact that the buildings and the market place could actually be "anywhere", the typically Chinese is somehow absent? ... at least looking from far.

HZDP said...

I dont know how to translate the dish correctly, that's why I put it in Chinese, the chef was really 'flying' a piece of flour.
I was surprised that he didn't make a hole of that thin piece of flour when he was tossing it 'all around'