Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Police Booth

ha, I'm back from my funny tests and works.
This photo was taken a week ago at Fengqi Rd. The white booth you see in this photo is a public security booth, on which the police number "110 ..." is shown. Locals can call the police with this number.


Hilda said...

Does a policeman actually stay in that little booth the whole day?

Hope you did well in your tests!

HZDP said...

Er...thank you but I fail the politics, as for other college tests, they are all Ok.
Finally, I don't need to take college tests anymore.But I guess I'm gonna miss thess crazy days in the future.

Yes, the policeman stay in the little booth the whole day.
It's a tiring job.

Peter said...

Happy to hear about the test results! So now?

Is the little booth heated, airconditioned?

Yao said...

I don't think there is a heater inside it.

HZDP said...

I'm currently work for aabtv.
And there's no heater inside it that's why the policeman dress in such warm cloth, if you can see him.

Glad you come by, and yes you're right, no heater.

Mediterranean kiwi said...

what a life, stuck in a little box all day!