Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Theme Day--Lines

This is the second time HZDP participate in the theme day, also the second photo of HZDP's alley series.
I took the photo at Xiangjisi Road, I looked up the sky after I stepped out a store and saw these lines crossing the sky.
These electric lines have been there for decades, and some of them are so old that once triggered a fire.
What about your city? what will you see when you look up into the sky of a city alley?

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Kate said...

This looks like a very abstract photo...creative! I've been on self-imposed sabbatical, but have returned for theme day. Come visit!

Batang Kyusi said...

very twilight zone. creepy.

Batang Kyusi said...
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Harry Makertia said...

It's clear, linear, and sure, thre're lines! Very phylosophic post. Great post!

MumbaiiteAnu said...

Interesting perspective.

Mine are power transmission lines and electric cables for railways with Raghuleela Mall & International Infotech Park in the background.


excellent work zoe -this is a good one

magiceye said...

very well composed!

Peter said...

In my opinion, certainly one of the best "line" photos! (Sorry for the others, but, of course, I haven't seen all.)

Here, most of these "lines" are now gone and are underground.

JM said...

Very nice composition for October theme!

Hyde DP said...

These kinds of lines are everywhere and we often curse them for obstructing photographs - I love your alley picture of yesterday showing these cables going across.

Tanya said...

I like the coloring in this. Happy Theme Day :)

HZDP said...

Thx for visiting and I will come to see yours soon!

Yes, creepy, I PSed the color. Creeeepy~~~

Thx for visiting HZDP!

Another Mumbai DP? I'll add yours to my list!

Thank you~~

Why not join this month's theme day?

hahah, I love your comment!

Hmm, yours are not bad too.

Hyde Dp,
I remember your blod was in my list..I guess I must have missed your blog address when I rearrange the layout.

Happy Theme Day!

tr3nta said...

great abstract "LINES" photo...